Olten (SO), Höhenstrasse Ost 50 - 60

- Location and concept: the six majestic buildings are at the end of the Höhenstrasse Ost, in only a few minutes walking distance from public transportation; shopping possibilities and schools, but still rurally situated. The concept implemented in the three construction stages; each of one consisting of two buildings – a longitudinal building and a tower, connected with each other.

- Apartments: 4.5 Rooms and 5.5 Rooms.

- Construction standard: top quality construction; handicapped accessible with lift; central underground garage; spacious terraces; balconies and garden.

- Speciality: the four-story tower building has one apartment per floor with the advantage that all four facades have windows with plenty of daylight, transmitting the feeling of being in a detached house.

- Responsibilities:
- Project planning: Arch-Ing Consulting AG
- Development: Arch-Ing Consulting AG
- Sale: Arch-Ing Consulting AG